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Willamette Riverkeeper Logo

Willamette Riverkeeper

Willamette Riverkeeper’s sole mission is to protect and restore Oregon’s Willamette River. 

Wyld believes that a river with good water quality and abundant natural habitat, one that is safe for fishing, kayaking, and swimming is a basic public right. The Willamette River belongs to all of us and should be protected as such.

Willamette Riverkeeper was founded in February of 1996, originally known as “Friends of the Willamette River.” Today WR has an impassioned and effective staff, with offices in Portland and Eugene, OR,  working on a range of issues and projects aimed at improving our environment at all times.

Wyld is happy to partner with Willamette Riverkeeper in supporting trash clean ups along the Willamette River, as well as  sponsoring Give Guide events for Earth Day, environmental sustainability, and stewardship.

Partnering with Willamette Riverkeeper is part of Wyld’s plan to positively impact our ecosystems and build environmental sustainability into the Wyld Way. As we work to look at many different ways to reduce climate change and become eco champions for the environment at large, we also look locally at what we can do to improve our own backyards.

For more information, or to get involved, visit Willamette Riverkeeper.

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