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Oregon Natural Desert Association

Oregon Natural Desert Association

With natural beauty, deep cultural significance and a wide array of plants and wildlife, Oregon’s high desert is an impressive stretch of the Pacific Northwest located on the northern edge of the Great Basin.

Much of Oregon’s desert is public land, available to all Americans equally. If you like to hike  bike, raft, fish, hunt, stargaze, go birding, watch wildlife, or enjoy any number of other recreational pursuits, you can find an amazing spot in the high desert, and enjoy abundant solitude, too.

Oregon Natural Desert Association (ONDA) defends public lands from threats, partners with public and private land managers to preserve natural values, encourages the exploration of wild places, and restores lands and waters to give desert creatures places in which to thrive.  Oregon Natural Desert Association works to protect, defend and restore public lands and waters in Oregon's high desert for future generations.

Oregon Natural Desert Association encourages people to get to know the desert and to take steps to conserve these public lands.    

ONDA is also the only conservation organization dedicated exclusively to preserving Oregon’s high desert.

Wyld supports this organization by supporting and providing resources to continue the needed restoration projects that preserve Oregon’s high desert.

To get involved, head to Oregon Natural High Desert.

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