The Wyld Way

Wyld celebrates what the Pacific Northwest provides by creating treats that coincide with our ambitions and lifestyles. Climb cliffs, or hike trails. Spend the day by the river with friends, or on the porch in your back yard. Enjoy what brings us together, and let Wyld keep us coming back.

Line up of Wyld Gummies on a table in front of an outdoor fire.

Which adventure will you choose?

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Who We Are

Based in Portland, Wyld is Oregon’s leading cannabis edible brand.  We create products infused with real-fruit ingredients & flavors that embody the true Pacific Northwest culture.

Wyld is made up of an ambitious group of people that embrace challenges, test boundaries, and live life to the fullest at every turn. When adventure calls, we answer – always ready to see where it may take us. We love what we do and we work hard to bring you the best cannabis edibles on the market.

Grab a box today and find out why Wyld is the Nation’s leader in cannabis edibles!




A flavor for every occasion.


High Times

“Wyld is all about wellness, but that’s not their only priority. This Oregon-based cannabis company is committed to environmental responsibility and sustainability.”


“Wyld has been a purveyor of handcrafted chocolates and gummies since the beginning of the rec market, and I consider their sativa, indica, and CBD varieties to be some of the best-tasting edibles out there.”


“Wyld is America’s hottest edibles company. It produces the nation’s bestselling cannabis gummies—a high-end candy made with real fruit.”

Our Mission

As a company, we feel a strong commitment to preserving the land we so proudly call home, as well as working to create a more equitable legal cannabis industry. It’s essential that we participate in service projects and community enhancement as a team to ensure a robust, sustainable environment, and an equitable legal cannabis industry for future generations.

Recently, we have worked with Friends of Trees, a local environmental organization with a mission to bring more trees into urban areas. Since their founding in 1989, FOT has planted over 750,000 trees and native plants in over 120 neighborhoods. We also work with the Oregon Cannabis Equity Act and NuLeaf Project, among others. 



What are edibles?

Cannabis can be consumed in multiple ways. One of the most popular ways is cannabis-infused foods, also known as Edibles. These treats usually come in candy forms such as gummies or chocolates. Edibles can be produced using various forms of cannabis but our edibles use finely extracted cannabis oils.

What effects do they have?

Cannabis edibles have been known to produce a stronger and longer lasting effect than inhaled cannabis. This is essential for individuals looking to relieve ailments that may cause them discomfort but can not physically smoke cannabis.

Where should I start?

First time-consuming edibles? A recommended starting size for a first-time consumer is anywhere from 2.5-5mg THC. It is suggested to begin with a lower dose for your first time and experiment with different dosages until you find the experience that works effectively for you and your body.

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We are looking forward to hearing from you, and thank you for enjoying Wyld!

Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. For use only by adults twenty-one years of age and older. Keep out of reach of children.
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