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NuProject aims to rebalance the detrimental economic impacts of the war on drugs. By providing economic justice grants, loans, and education opportunities, NuProject brings true change to the cannabis industry. Their ardent work affords the communities most impacted an opportunity to build a new industry both as business owners and high-earning professionals.

NuProject is the only organization of its kind that specifically focuses on building generational wealth for Black and brown people through the legal cannabis industry. NuProject became one of Wyld’s first partners as we began to do the work to both diversify our workforce and create lasting, meaningful opportunities. This organization and its efforts are essential to the continued growth of an industry that will change the way society as a whole views cannabis and the cannabis industry at large. 

Wyld has Partnered with NuProject in creating and sustaining an accelerator program that provides opportunities to marginalized communities, helping to both accelerate the growth of BIPOC-owned businesses, as well as to provide the needed tools to create a successful cannabis business. Wyld also utilizes the NuProfessional Program – a platform that connects diverse professionals interested in joining the cannabis industry with cannabis companies eager to meet (and hire) them.

To learn more about NuProject and to support their mission, head to their website.

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