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The failed war on drugs has led to mass incarceration of largely minority groups convicted of low-level and nonviolent drug offenses. Misguided drug laws and oppressive sentencing requirements have produced greatly unequal outcomes for communities of color. 

We must recognize and work to repair the damage that the failed war on drugs has enacted on our communities. As a cannabis company, we are faced with a unique responsibility to actively enact change in our industry and beyond.  

Wyld partners with the social justice community to guide the cannabis industry in understanding and recognizing institutional racism, the impact of the war on drugs and cannabis criminalization, and to help prevent the mistakes other industries have historically made. 

The Oregon Cannabis Association is focused on connecting, learning, and growing within the Cannabis Industry and beyond. The OCA is a diverse group of cultivators, processors, retailers, entrepreneurs, and allied businesses, with a mission to help one another thrive through networking events, educational workshops, and political representation. 

Wyld is a proud member of the Oregon Cannabis Association, and contributes to sponsoring expungement clinics and legislation efforts in support of combating the failed war on drugs. Wyld is committed to the fight for equity and equality in cannabis, and deeply pledged to enacting change. 

Recently, Wyld was an event sponsor for an OCA expungement clinic in Eugene, OR. This event offered residents an opportunity not only to get their cannabis charges expunged, but also provided additional services to support those who have had other unjust charges requiring expungement. 

Follow and support their cause by following them or becoming a member, here.

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