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Wyld About Trees

Why We're Wyld About Trees

We’re passionate about planting trees for the benefit of both people and nature. Healthy forests are essential for protecting biodiversity and will play a key role in mitigating the effects of climate change. Wyld supports both local and global organizations such as OneTreePlanted to help expand our reach and contribute towards projects that will create positive impacts for the planet.

Wyld and it’s employees have volunteered to contribute time and resources towards planting trees locally in the regions that we operate in. Read more about our partnership with Friends of Trees in Oregon here. The trees that we help plant in urban environments can help reduce heat islands, or hotspots, which disproportionately affect lower income neighborhoods. Urban tree canopies provide shade for roads, sidewalks, and building surfaces which not only reduce relative surface temperatures but also may translate to lower energy bills for local residents. We’re actively working on building out partnerships in each state that we operate in and look forward to giving back to the communities who support us by planting trees together.

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Healthy trees absorb greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, and release clean oxygen for people to breathe. The opposite is true for deforestation, which allows more carbon dioxide to be present in our atmosphere and in turn contributes to global warming. 

The benefits of trees extend beyond sequestering greenhouse gases; they also reduce the risk of flooding, since their root systems help to absorb excess rainwater. These root systems also help stabilize soil, reducing erosion and the risk of landslides. Trees protect biodiversity loss by providing a home to a complex system of various organisms such as plants, animals, and fungi. Forests function symbiotically where mutually beneficial relationships are present between each organism throughout the ecosystem.

We believe that restoring and conserving native forests are one of the best tools at our disposal for fighting climate change. Plus who doesn't love trees?!

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If you’d like to join us in our efforts to “Keep Nature Wyld”, please follow this link to: Plant a Tree.

Every $1 donated plants 1 tree with OneTreePlanted!

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