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Washington Compostable Wrappers

We know that the cannabis industry has a plastic problem. As a next step on our sustainability journey, Wyld is rolling out compostable individual wrappers for our gummies in Washington State in 2023.  


We worked with TIPA to produce our compostable wrappers to reduce our impact on the environment. Washington State regulations require all cannabis-infused edibles to be individually wrapped, so each Wyld package contains 10 pieces of plastic. In Washington in 2022, Wyld sold over 725,000 units. This transition will reduce the amount of petroleum-based plastic packaging from entering landfills by more than 7,000,000 pieces!  


All materials used to construct our new wrappers are fully compostable and certified to biodegrade just like organic waste in backyard, home, and community composts. Even in a landfill, our wrappers will break down and won't release harmful gases or become microplastics.   


At Wyld we are constantly pushing and innovating in the cannabis industry. Beginning in 2021, Wyld brands introduced compostable packaging into the market starting with our Wyld Canada launch. In 2022, we introduced Good Tide tubes (compostable and recyclable) and fully compostable Wyld One pouches. And we’re committed to continue our journey to transition all our petroleum-based plastic packaging to compostable.  


To read more about composting regulations in your area and to find a composting facility, head to the link below.

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