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Viva Farms

Viva Farms

Viva Farms empowers aspiring and limited-resource farmers by providing bilingual training in holistic organic farming practice, as well as providing access to land, infrastructure, equipment, marketing and capital.

Viva Farms believes that sustainable organic farming can be an economically viable business, and it is their hope that with the knowledge, experience, and passion for producing healthy food in a sustainable way, todays’ aspiring farmers will become part of the solution that nourishes our planet and ourselves for generations to come.

Viva Farms operates over 119 acres across two farms in Washington state, and has educated over 1,000 farmers (150+ Spanish speakers) in sustainable organic farming and provides education and opportunities by giving 40 students a full practicum in Sustainable Agriculture in 2021. Wyld supports this partnership by supporting viva farms core mission.

Currently Viva Farms incubates 29 farm businesses, 9 Latino-owned and 44% female-owned. A focus on reducing barriers on entry to sustainable farming for diverse communities and beginner farmers is a major step in diversifying the agricultural industry. 

To learn more about Viva Farms, or to get involved, head to

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