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Renewable Energy Certifications (RECs)

Wyld is proud to have achieved carbon neutrality by way of carbon credits and renewable energy certifications. Presenting our Renewable Energy Certification here is important for both transparency as well as documenting the progress we will continue to make towards zero emissions.

Image of Wyld's 2020 Renewable Energy Certifications. 

Copy reads: "Certificate #11959 - 08/05/2021 The Bonneville Environmental Foundation honors Northwest Commonwealth for 2020 scope 2 carbon footprint. Purchase details and equivalencies: 963 - number of renewable energy certificates purchased. Each RED is equivalent to the non-power environment attributes of 1,000 kilowatt-hours of renewable energy. Your purchase is the equivalent of the electricity used to power 89.07 average US homes for one year.
Image of Wyld's 2020 Renewable Energy Certificate Pg 2. 

Copy reads: [Here are the details of your BEF renewable energy certificates order: Wheat Field Wind Farm - Wheat Field Wind Farm is located in Gilliam County near the city of Arlington in Oregon. The wind farm spans approximately 8.500 acres of private ranched land that overlooks the windswept banks of the Columbia River Gorge. Wheat Field has an installed capacity of 96.6 megawatts (MW). Wheat Field's generation is equivalent to the consumption of more than 27,000 Oregon homes. Production date: 2020 Sept. Clean MWh Generated: 963.]