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Crow Lake Wind Power

Wyld worked with South Pole to purchase and retire carbon credits from this project to help offset its 2021 operational greenhouse gas emissions. Additional registry link.

Project Standards:The Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) or “Verra” | Location: South Dakota, USA


Spanning 36,000 acres in South Dakota, this wind power project is a product of innovative community collaboration between 3 parties. In total the wind farm comprises 108 turbines: Basin Electric Power Cooperative (BEPC) owns 100; a group of south Dakotans, South Dakotan Wind Partners own 7; and 1 is owned by Mitchell Technical Institute (MTI).


Impact: The Crow Lake Wind project harnesses the wind to power homes with clean electricity, displacing energy generated from fossil fuels. The total installed capacity of the project is around 162 megawatts (MW) - 1 MW serves around 800 homes - so at full capacity 129,000 homes can be served. The project displaces fossil fuel generated energy, meets growing demands with clean energy, and helps drive a low carbon future in the USA. - source: South Pole

Project Impact & Related Sustainable Development Goals (SDG):

  • SDG 4: Training of wind technicians at MTI college, creating the next generation of renewables experts

  • SDG 7: 513,000 MWh of clean renewable energy generated on average per year

  • SDG 9: 108 wind turbines installed thanks to the project

SDG 13: 432,000 tonnes of CO2e mitigated on average per year

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